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SmartDepart – Now Live at BER Airport

BER Airport is the first airport in Germany boosting passenger experience with SmartDepart. At BER passengers are able to use the SmartDepart app to book time slots for security “BER Runway” and also use the contactless service “BER Biometrics”. In the near future we will add the features to book FastTrack and Lounge as well on the SmartDepart app.


Experience Innovation with SmartDepart

SmartDepart is an innovative app utilising biometric facial recognition for secure and smooth passenger journeys.

Users can effortlessly install the app and set up their digital identity by taking a photo and scanning a passport or ID. Once a boarding pass is loaded into the app, they can subscribe to various airport services such as using biometric access, booking slots for security checkpoints and purchase other services such as parking, lounge, FastTrack or other services provided by the particpating airport.

With SmartDepart, individuals maintain control over their personal data, enrol for biometric airport journeys by simply consenting to use the service and enjoy additional airport services.


Exemplary Customer Journey

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Advantages with SmartDepart

Face recognition

Easy boarding

High data protection

Service offerings

Airport navigation

Avoid queues


How to install the App

  • 1

    Open the app store on your device — 'App Store' for iPhone or 'Google Play Store' for Android.

  • 2

    Tap the search icon or bar and enter 'SmartDepart' into the search field.

  • 3

    Locate the SmartDepart app in the search results and select it.

  • 4

    Tap 'Install' or 'Get', and the app will begin downloading onto your device.

  • 5

    If prompted, confirm the installation with your password, Touch ID, Face ID (for iPhone), or Google account (for Android).

  • 6

    Once the app is installed, open it by tapping 'Open' or locating the icon on your home screen.

  • 7

    Follow the in-app instructions to complete the setup and enjoy the SmartDepart experience.


How to use the App


Provide your name and 
your email


Verify email 
(a code will be sent via email)


Generate selfie (only when using biometric services)



Press the + button


Point the camera at a real 
boarding pass



Press the + button


Select a boarding pass
image from the gallery

Share Image


Create Screenshot of Boarding Pass 
in Wallet or from e-mail

On an iPhone with Face ID: Quickly press and release the side button and the volume up button simultaneously. On an iPhone with a Home button: Quickly press and release the side button and the Home button simultaneously.

Press the power button and the volume down button simultaneously. If that doesn‘t work, hold down the power button for a few seconds. Then tap on Screenshot. After taking the screenshot, select the „Share with app…“ menu entry and choose the SmartDepart app.

Sharing Process (can vary based on device)

Press the
share button

Choose the
Smartdepart app
on the overlay



Book one of the optional service options

Avaiable Service Options

Easy Parking

Book time at security

Lounge access

Book FastTrack

Need Help?


Whatever level of registration you want to complete, all registration data will remain on your phone’s secure store. We will ask your consent whenever any of your registration data will be used to book a particular service.

You can use SmartDepart for free.

The available services within the app will depend on the participating airport. Each participating airport will define which services will be bookable and what registration level is required for that service. The available services will be shown directly once you load the boarding pass into the app.

You can load a boarding pass into the app by simply scanning the barcode of the boarding pass or selecting an image from your phone’s gallery. If you have the barcode visible within an e-mail of the airlines make a screenshot with your phone and then share it with the SmartDepart app. We are working on further improving the boarding pass loading possibilities e.g. by loading it from Wallet or working with airlines to provide a download link for SmartDepart.

SmartDepart offers a button to wipe out all data on the phone with a simple click.

For security reasons we do not allows to change the profile’s details. We recommend to delete the profile and create a new one.

Due to legal regulations, the ID Check cannot currently be replaced with the SmartDepart procedure, which is why it is not necessary to record passport data in order to use SmartDepart and we have deactivated this function for the time being. 

You can therefore also use the system without recording your passport. As soon as there is a legal change and ID check flights (non-Schengen or certain Schengen flights) are also processed during boarding, we will activate the passport function immediately. 

For security reasons this is not possible. If you need change that data, please delete your profile and create a new one.


Face Recognition

Face recognition for boarding at airports streamlines security checks, ensuring accurate identification and faster processing, thus improving both security and efficiency for passengers. Passenger can use the biometric service at an airport by giving their consent within the app for the selected journey. SmartDepart will then fill the associated biometric gallery with the data and makes sure the data is wiped out after departure of the flight.


Biometric Boarding

Passengers can simply use their face to board the plane, minimizing stress, saving time and streamlining the process, resulting in shorter queues and more efficient departures.


High Data Protection

The SmartDepart app ensures robust data protection by securely storing and encrypting passengers‘ personal data on the smartphone. SmartDepart will not store any registration data on a central server. When booking a biometric service, only the biometric „fingerprint“ of the passengers‘ face will be shared for enrolment and it will be removed as soon as the passengers‘ flight departed. Privacy is preserved throughout the whole journey. For airports choosing a third party biometric service we may need to send the facial image to that service – that will happen not without asking the consent to do that.


Service Offerings

The availability of additional airport services depends on the offerings of each airport and may vary. The SmartDepart app enhances convenience with additional services including parking, airport lounge reservations, and various other operations.


Airport Navigation

Coming soon functionality: With the SmartDepart app, you can seamlessly navigate through the airport’s terminals and levels, as well as explore shopping and dining options with ease. SmartDepart will help passenger to find the way to the departure gate upon request. The service will depend on availability of indoor navigation data at the particular airport.


Avoid Queues

With the SmartDepart app, reserve a timeslot for airport security checkpoint in advance and say goodbye to airport queues as you navigate seamlessly through security checks. The app will directly show the available slots and a slot can be booked within a few seconds without the need to enter further data.