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SmartDepart is the platform for airports to offer services for passengers to improve the departure experience. SmartDepart is unique in providing tangible operational benefits as well as the possibilty to commercialize airport services.

Passengers that already run the Airsphere PaxControl Passenger Management Platform will be able to integrate with SmartDepart with ease.

Once a boarding pass is loaded into the app, passengers can subscribe to use defined services such as biometrics, slots for security or purchase other services such as parking, lounge or FastTrack access. Each service may require a specific registration level within the app. 

With SmartDepart, individuals maintain control over their personal data. Users will register themselves within the app and store all that data safe and secure on the phone. 



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Features & Benefits

Convenient introduction of facial biometric services

WIth SmartDepart it will become very easy for airports to introduce or boost the use of biometrics wihtin the airport. Airsphere’s touchpoint experience will ensure seamless integration of the biometric passenger processing for all touchpoints in the airport. 

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Up-sell airport

Generate additional revenue by selling
additional services such as parking, up-sell airport services, lounges and more for a seamless airport experience.



SmartDepart easily integrates with existing facial biometric platforms. If airports have decided already for a biometric platform, SmartDepart will help to boost use of that solution and allow to generate additional revenue.